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Vivien is one of the best and most professional realtors I have ever met.

With her solid knowledge and outstanding communication skills, she offered us an excellent help on searching, negotiating and completing our investment, quick and very satisfied. She is a very friendly professional you can trust, and I strongly recommend her.

Leon Cui

Vivien is a very professional, patient and passionate realtor.

She is both a good listener and a good negotiator. Vivien is not only very knowledgeable about the real estate markets and the different local communities (whether you are in the buying or selling process), but more importantly what distinct Vivien from the others is that she is very aware of the intricacies and tactics to assist you successfully buy/sell at the right price. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have Vivien help me in the last three months searching, visiting properties, writing offers, and finally acquiring the right property at a reasonable price in a very desirable neighborhood. If you’d like to have the same amazing experience, I highly recommend you contact Vivien now.

Marcus Young

Vivien is by far the best real estate agent we have ever interacted with.

We have met a lot of agents, having been an expat family living in various countries for more than a decade. For the last seven years we have been happily living in the house Vivien found for us. I credited Vivien for knowing what we wanted, what worked for us (budget wise, logistically, life style and aesthetics) and the right landlord for us. We met Vivien through a co- worker, who raved about her. We had a 45- min meeting with Vivien in a coffee house and went over who we were, what our family was like, what we valued and disliked, our taste, commute, budget, tolerable range, etc. A few days later, Vivien booked a two-hour block of time and toured four housing options with us. Amazingly they were of four different styles, yet all our constraints were met, and we liked all of them. She then negotiated an excellent deal for us and it was quick and clean. She has a very good style. She is very clear, thorough, and efficient. She is also extremely pleasant. You talk to her about your life and feel that she is interested. You feel she is looking for a home for you, not just a place to live. You cannot go wrong with Vivien!

Anqi Qian

Vivien is definitely one of the best Realtors that I have met during my time living in Canada for 10 years.

She could always understand my inquiry and respond right way. As a professional realtor, she help us to get the dream house within the budget and timeframe. Thank her so much!

Alisha Mao

Vivien is a super hard working agent and not only is she a hard worker but also works smartly which is very crucial for anyone who wants to close a deal!

!! I strongly recommend Vivien to you if you are looking for an ideal home in Vancouver!

Joanna Cappo

I found Vivien through a social media platform.

She was very responsive to all my questions even though I was a long distance client and no guarantee I would buy a house from her. She didn’t even meet me or asked for any commitment before she went to an open house for me and showed me the house virtually. I had a shortlist of agents that I was talking to and ended up using her as she was the most authentic and responsible one. It’s not always easy to house hunt virtually and doesn’t put the buyer in a good position for negotiation so I really need someone that I can trust. We soon became friends as we shared similar value and that’s always the #1 trait I look for in realtors. I always befriend my realtor after the deals as it’s just simply fun to talk to them even without any business in picture. If you are looking for genuine, smart and professional realtor, Vivien is your go-to person. Won’t regret.

Ling W

My experiences with Vivien were exemplary as well as thoroughly enjoyable.

In addition to finding me an amazing home in record time, I passed her name on to numerous colleagues who have had similar experiences. I recommend Vivien highly.


Very professional and responsible real estate brokers will give buyers a lot of advice, not only in real estate sales, but more like friends.

Yuebin Liu

Vivien is a very patient and professional real estate agent.

Unlike the other agents I dealt with before, We are more likely good friends to each other. Vivien will call me every time when we got back home after each time showing and ask us for our opinions on the house. If we are not satisfied, she always try her best to find us more lists of better homes that fit right in our price range. Vivien also analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the houses from her perspective to compare with those ones we have seen before. She knows what information I need so that she could always give me the best answer before I ask. She spent a lot of time doing the research every time when she got back home, such as the sale history and similar house prices, then finally give me a suggestion on the range of the estimate price it would be. Also, She patiently answered the questions we raised when we trying to give an offer, and actively communicated with the seller's agent to let us know more about the seller needs. We finally bought one townhouse at Richmond under her kindly help. I love the whole time we spent together with Vivien on buying my first private property. Great and wonderful.!! I have to conclude that Vivien is the best real estate i have met in Vancouver. Highly recommend!

Likang Lu

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